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Track all your expenses, incomes, bills and loans to find out what happens to your money. Use CashControl to take control of your personal finances and save more. The Free plan gives you incomes and expenses, categories and budgets, bills and reminders, loans, reports, with multiple accounts. More details

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Pro Plan

Multi-categ expenses

Most of the times you do your supermarket shopping, you shop over multiple categories, and following them properly is an important part of your finances.... Read more


You can now tag any transaction (income, expense, transfer or loan). These tags will allow for advanced reports and also filtered listing of your transactions.... Read more

Goals: Targets and piggy banks

Goals allow you to set targets for accounts and loans and biggy banks allow you to create virtual piggy banks to save money for something you want to buy... Read more

Import Bank Statement

Synchronize your CashControl account to your bank account to import banking fees, interest or identify new transactions... Read more

Multi-User Access & Alerts

In a family expenses are made by both you and your spouse and through this feature both of you can have their own user account assigned to the family account... Read more


You can attach documents to any transaction (income, expense, transfer, loan, bills, etc.), so you can save your invoices, payment receipts or contracts... Read more