Simple, easy, completely!

Incomes and expenses are the basic blocks of any financial management. Wherever you are in the application, adding an income or expense is just one click away, and for a good tracking of what you spent your money on, CashControl allows you to organize spendings in categories that you can budget and monitor in real time. So that you never forget to pay a bill, CashControl will automatically generate your bills (as defined by your recurrent processes) and will remind you of the due ones.

Loans, transfers, accounts and overdraft

CashControl allows you to organize your money into accounts and gives you real-time balance, and with the special overdraft accounts you can efficiently manage your credit cards. CashControl also allows you to have a good management of loans received or given and their refunds; with the CashControl reports on loans you always have a clear images of them.

Where's my money?

After entering all your financial data on a day by day basis, it's time to do an analysis and find solutions to your financial problems. With detailed reports on expenses, incomes and loans you can follow your financial health trends and you'll know exactly how you spent your money and how incomes have evolved.

Mobile access for a mobile world

CashControl is accessible from any web-ready device with Internet access, but you can also use the iOS and Android native apps to add all your expenses as they happe. Expenses often occur when you are away from home, so CashControl's mobile application, allow you to enter expenses, incomes, bills and transfers as you make them.

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Recurring incomes, expenses and transfers

If you have multiple income, expense or transfer operations that re-appear every period of time, then you definitely need CashControl recurrences. The app will automatically generate repetitive operations and make it easier for you to manage or even not forget them.

Unlimited Recurring Bills and Accounts

CashControl Pro offers you a limitless management. You'll be able to create as many bills and accounts as you need for an optimal management, unlike the limitation to 7 bills and 3 accounts you have on the Free subscription.

Financial Forecasting

The lack of planning and control of cash resources is the reason often given for the financial insufficiency. A financial forecast is an estimate of future financial outcomes generated using historical operations – expenses and incomes.

This is CashControl’s best guess of what will happen to you in financial terms over a chosen time period.


Multi-categ expenses

Most of the times when you do your supermarket shopping, you shop for goods from multiple categories, and following them properly is an important part of a correct financial management.

Muli-category expense allow for dynamic distribution of expenses over multiple categories, and the report will reflect the correct amount allocated to each corresponding budget, while the account statement will show the total amount spent.



Any transaction (income, expense, transfer or loan) can receive tags. These tags will allow for a filtered listing of relevant transactions and for advanced reporting on them. Here are some scenarios for using tags:

  • tag your holiday expenses with "holidays", regardless of the category they are assigned to
  • when putting gas into your car, assign an identifying tag for the car you filled up
  • assign a tag such as "supermarket" to all purchases made in the supermarket, in order to separate them from the rest of your shopping
  • tag expenses that lead to generating an income

Possibilities are endless, and the functionality is simple but incredibly powerful.


Goals: Targets & Piggy banks

We all have financial goals, so CashControl comes to help you achieve them. CashControl allows you to set target goals for accounts to help you save more, pay your credit card debt or return loans until a deadline you set for yourself. It also shows your progress toward your goals, to encourage you to achieve them.

Piggy banks, exactly as their naming suggests, help you save money to buy something you want, whether it's your dream vacation or the latest 50" TV. Saving money to buy something instead of using your credit card will further boost your financial health.


Import Bank Statement

Many of the day to day operations are connected to our bank account, whether we pay with our credit card or get the paycheck. To have an even better management of these transactions, CashControl allows you to synchronize your accounts with your bank account statements.

All you need to do is download your statement (csv or Excel) from your Internet Banking, import it into CashControl, and CashControl will automatically match them to transactions already in CashControl or allow you to add new transactions where necessary.

You'll now be able to easily import banking fees, charges and even identify expenses you forgot to add.


Advanced reports

In addition to the already powerful reports available on the Free plan, the Pro plan offers you:

  • global and per category spending evolution chart
  • breakdown of expenses by tags
  • evolution chart of your purchasing power for your incomes compared to other currencies and precious metals
  • reports on loans

Pro reports also allow you to create reports on custom time intervals in addition to the month-by-month reports available on the Free plan.


Multi-user access

In a family expenses are made by both you and your spouse and through this feature both of you can have their own user account assigned to CashControl's family account. Each user can add their own transactions to help track the family budget.



Email notifications can be configured to notify you of due bills, bills you didn't confirm, or due dates on your loans.



CashControl allows you to attach documents to any transaction, so you can save your invoices, receipts or contracts.

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